Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Best Christmas Present ever. Part Three

We at Baark! have been asking the question;  What is your best Christmas gift ever?
Over the next three weeks we will feature three of our favorite answers in our column.

What is was my best Christmas present ever?

Thanks for letting me tell you about my favorite Christmas present ever. My name is Princess, I am a Potcake. My real name is Fluffy but all my friends call me Princess because, well, I am! Anyway, back to the reason for writing. My favorite Christmas present is the year that Baark! came to my house and helped me with my man problem. You see, my man, Rex was always running with his boys in the neighborhood, chasing other lady dogs and leaving me with the puppies to care for all by myself.  That is no way to treat a Princess!

I was always nagging and yapping at him to change his ways. He claimed that it was his nature to be like that, something that was just a part of him. We went on like this for 3 years. Then one day a Baark! van came and with our owner’s permission took Rex away for a day. When he returned he was a new dog! He had been neutered. A quick procedure that a veterinarian can perform on male dogs to ensure they cannot help produce any more puppies.   While he was still my amazing Rex, he no longer felt the need to run with his boys or chase other lady dogs. He actually started hanging out with me and the kids!
I had been spayed, which is the term for the female surgery, about 2 years prior to Rex’s surgery. I told him over and over again he needed the surgery but would he listen? No, he was convinced that as long as one of us was fixed we would be fine.  Fine my paw. Fine is not leaving anytime of the day or night to go out on your family. Fine is not expecting me to be okay with all of his foolishness.  Let me tell you something right now. Rex, now that he has been fixed sees the error of his ways and is so much more content.  The quality of life we have now because of our surgeries is one hundred times better! If only he had listened earlier!

You asked me about the best Christmas present ever? It was the December that the Baark! van came to our house and gave my family back the best dog ever, My Rex!
Princess the Potcake
Why not put Baark! on your Christmas list. Make a donation to Baark!’s spay and neuter campaign in lieu of gifts under the tree

Please spay and neuter your animals, this simple procedure saves lives and decreases the suffering of unwanted animals.
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