Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Baark! On: Best Christmas Present Ever part One

We at Baark! have been asking the question;  What is your best Christmas gift ever?
Over the next three weeks we will feature three of our favorite answers in our column.

Dear Baark!
What is was my best Christmas present ever?
Some would think it was the year I got my new Potcake puppy. Two years ago my neighbor’s dog had a litter just before Christmas. I begged my parents day and night to get one. I really did not think they would say yes, but on Christmas morning there he was, my very own Potcake to look after.  I was so excited. I named him Buster and took really good care of him.  But as the months went on, Buster stopped listening to me. He often ran away and when he was in the house Buster would pee on everything, even though he was supposed to be housebroken. Mom and Dad decided they could not let Buster live with us anymore. They called him a nuisance and made him stay in the yard. Every night I would have to say goodnight to him and leave him outside. I hated it. This is why the year I got Buster was not my favorite Christmas present. While I loved Buster so very much, it broke my heart to keep him outside.

Last month, Baark! came to my school and told us about their spay and neutering program. I really learned a lot about how to take better care of Buster. I learned that if he was neutered that he would not run away looking for a lady dogs as often and that he would stop marking his territory with pee in our house. I told mom and dad about all I had learned. I also told them that all I wanted for Christmas was to be able to get Buster neutered so he could have a better chance of staying inside with us.

Mom and Dad agreed that they would give Buster another chance if he were to have this surgery. I was so happy. We took Buster to the veterinarian who took great care of Buster during and after his surgery. Now Buster is home with us. He is happier, no longer feels the need to run away and has stopped peeing in our house! You asked me what I thought the best Christmas present was; it was the Christmas I got Buster back with me where he belongs!

Thanks Baark! for helping me learn about spay and neutering and most of all for helping Buster and I stay together.

C. Thompson Jr. age 11

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By ensuring your animal cannot produce more litters you are saving lives and decreasing the suffering of unwanted animals. 
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