Thursday, 22 March 2012

A mothers gratitude- support Operation Potcake

 We thought a little inspiration was in order to help you know why, from a dogs perspective, Operation Potcake is such an amazing project to be involved with. Here is a letter from a grateful potcake thanking Baark! for her new lease on life.

Dear Baark!
Six months ago my five  puppies  and I were trapped and helped by your team.  I had no idea what was happening that day, but I remember well the kindness you showed us, you reassured us all would be okay, and I believed you.  I had been struggling to feed myself and my puppies for quite some time before you caught us. I was tired, sick and hungry. My puppies were filthy and always in danger. When we were found by you, all of that changed. You reassured us that we would be taken care of and you were right. I saw you tend to the needs of my puppies and then let us spend some time together before you took them to find a safe and happy home.
I have had four litters of puppies; I birthed a total of fourteen puppies, all so beautiful and unique.  All my years of being a mother I have never been able to provide my puppies with safety, we lived on the street and wandered the neighborhood for food and drink. I have seen five of my puppies pass away from various diseases and two of them die after being caught in the horrible traffic we live near. Losing a child is horrific, losing 7 of them is too much for me to bear. I know now my last five puppies have a home that is safe. As a mother I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I also want to thank you for the quick surgery you did for me. I understand that this surgery will save me from having any other litters. I have loved all my puppies but the toll it has taken on my body is enormous and I could not fathom having another litter without serious consequences on my health and that of my puppies. Thank you to the wonderful team of caring and kind people at baark! for giving myself and my five beautiful puppies a new chance at life.
I understand that in January of 2013 Baark and lot of other amazing people will be coming to Nassau to help a lot of dogs like myself. Thank you! I will spread the word on the street so my potcake friends can come to receive your much needed services! You are amazing.

A grateful mom

Baark! is one of the several entities coming together to be part of Operation Potcake, taking place in January 2013. Operation Potcake is aiming to spay and neuter 2,000 dogs or cats over 10 days. Please consider donating your time, supplies or money to help Operation Potcake be a success. Please contact us with your questions or willingness to help There are many areas you can assist with and Linda can direct you  accordingly.