Sunday, 13 November 2011

Baark! Tervis tumblers creating quite the Buzz!

Baark Tervis Tumblers ! Do you have one yet?

These tumblers are amazing. Not only  can you use them to keep your icy drinks cold or 

your steamy hot drinks hot but people are finding out they are quite the conversation 

piece as well. I have had more conversations with "strangers" than I can count by virtue of

 just holding my Baark! Tervis tumbler in hand. So many people have started a conversation

 with "you  know Baark! I love their work!" or "Ooo you have a Baark! tumbler!! I have one 

too!"Inevitably the conversation turns to the love of animals that we undoubtedly have in 

common. It really is uncanny. 

I know this is a really simple thing in life, but the fun I have had with my tumbler meeting 

new people and talking about Baark! and the wonderful animals they are working to protect

 really makes my day.

just love how easy it is to create buzz with the simple idea of using a Baark! Tervis 

tumbler. By the very fact that I am holding it in my hand, more and more people are 

exposed to the work of saving and protecting the lives of Bahamian cats and dogs.

I strongly encourage you to join the Buzz about Baark! and order a few Baark! tumblers. 

These Baark! tervis tumblers  make perfect Christmas presents. We have a few left and 

will be shortly placing another order to be here in time for the holidays - place your order 

now to buy one for your friends and family, a gift they'll love and for a great cause too. 

Tervis Tumblers are $20 

Lids $5

Please EMAIL to place your order