Wednesday, 30 March 2011

hang on! Love will come.

Yep, my heart was stolen today by a boy named Bruno. Bruno is our new foster dog, he is need of some serious love and attention. Baark/ Straybusters found him in miserable shape, neglected horribly by the people who were to care for him. He has been in care for almost a week now, and today he came to our home to be fostered back to health. The minute he turned the corner of my yard I fell in love with the courage of this dog. He should have given up the will to live a long time ago, but something told him to hang on, love will come. He should have been seriously suspicious of all people considering it was people who neglected him so badly, but again he must have known that love will come. He was shown his new dog house, in our backyard, but he was not interested. Instead he has chosen to try stay near where we were and laid down on our cement back porch so to not miss any opportunities to see us. I found an old quilt for him to lay on more comfortable, he is sound asleep right now. (here is a picture of him on our quilt!)
I am guessing that he will be a great role model to a lot of us living here on planet earth. Bruno, some how knew that no matter what he was going through that love was on its way. He held on and will still need to hold on as he recovers from the long neglect on his body, but he has this face that says.. see Love was on its way! The amazing thing is that Bruno is holding on even while still in pain, he was counting on love so much that he choose a more uncomfortable spot to lay down and wait for it. So often we despair with all that is going on, Hold on, love it on its way. I have friends waiting for answers, big painful answers; hold on love is on its way. I have friends living with painful pasts; hold on, love is on its way. It is closer than you think, and while it will not erase your past or present hurts, you will know that love, God's love is real and powerful.

shine on my friends!

p.s Bruno, has only been here 10 hours and already he is much welcomed and loved here at the our house, he has found a place where he can both love and be loved. A place that I hope he can recover to the point of being adopted by a deserving family. It will need to be a family that is in awe of his courage, and determination to survive. It will need to be a family that shows love in all they do with and for their animals. Perhaps you are that family, I will be blogging about Bruno's progress as we continue together. Stay tuned and pay attention to your heart, your home might just be the home Bruno is waiting for.