Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Baark! On Writing contest runner up!

Writing Contest runner up.

This beautiful adoption story came to us through our writing contest. We were so thrilled to hear that even after writing her story, there was a part two to the adoption. Read and enjoy. Thank you to Chiara Anderson for lending her writing skills and adoption tales to us!


I first met Meowth when she wondered into our front yard hungry and lonely. She was so thin and frail-looking. I fed her, gave her a drink and a rub. The next day, she pounced her way into my heart and has been a part of my family ever since. Life has certainly changed since meeting Meowth.

About two months after Meowth adopted us, we adopted Tink . I found Tink through BAARK as a result of entering this essay competition and decided to adopt him since Meowth started to get bored with her wrestling buddy (my arm). Tink had been hit by a car and broken his hip. As a result, he was extremely timid but needed a lot of TLC.


Tink and Meowth did not get on well at first. Meowth was aggressive and playful while Tink was shy and still trying to recover from his injuries. Those first days and nights were really draining as I didn't want Meowth to further injure Tink, but I learnt that they needed to figure out their relationship. To make matters worse, Meowth started ignoring and avoiding me. I felt like I was the mother of a rebellious teenager! Not to mention that Tink became very clingy towards me.

Meowth’s attitude ended the night Tink snuck outside and didn't return home. Meowth whined and couldn't nap. She missed her little bro. The next afternoon we went on a hunt and found him hidden really well. He was a little cold and frightened but felt better as soon has he got inside. Meowth began grooming him right away and started to play instead of swatting. That's when I started to breathe a sigh of relief.

Today, Meowth is part big sis, part mom and part best friend to Tink. Meowth is now teaching him how to hunt and Tink goes outside but can now find his way back home.

Tink's hip also healed pretty quickly after getting out and becoming more active. He's still a bit timid but is slowly coming around. It helps that Meowth is around to teach him the ropes - she isn't afraid of anything.


Please spay and neuter your animals, this simple procedure saves lives and decreases the suffering of unwanted animals.

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