Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Baark! On: What catches your attention?

Baark On ! What catches your attention?

It was a shivering puppy that caught your attention; he was huddled far into the corner of a box on a side street in Nassau. From a distance it looked like a pile of trash, up close it looked like desperation; there can be no other word to describe this scene. People were milling all around the street and had they looked closely they would have seen this, perhaps they did and chose not to take action. Whatever the case, this poor desperate puppy had made its way into a broken down cardboard box and was clinging to whatever bit of life it had left in its body. Unloved, unkempt and unwanted this small puppy was undecided if it was going to live or die and you seemed to be the only witness to this scene.
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His life now depends on your actions. Do you walk away hoping it miraculously gets better, naively hope his end is near and that will be quick, or do you take action and seek to save this suffering soul. This was a decision that was not to be taken lightly and one we all wish could be avoided. But what if this scene could have been prevented? What if we could end the needless suffering before it started? This is something you CAN do.
This is the goal of Baark!’s spay and neuter campaigns, preventing the addition of unwanted animals into the already full streets of Nassau.  Ensuring a more humane Bahamas for animals, that is our focus. Let’s help prevent suffering, together.

Please spay and neuter your animals, this simple procedure saves lives and decreases the suffering of unwanted animals.
This column is proudly brought to you by BAARK! the Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness.
For more information contact us at, (427.SPAY) or visit our website

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