Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Baark! on: Disposable pets

Disposable pets

Excuse this bit of a rant but there is something that has to be said. There is a disturbing mindset, all too common in our country, that animals are disposable. There is a habit of throwing away our animals when their age or infirmities become more of a hassle to the owner than is desired.

This has to stop.

Puppies and kittens they are cute, but for most, the aging dog or cat is just a nuisance and consequently many aging animals are neglected or let loose on the streets. There was an initial attraction to the animal but obviously, at some point, the family lost an interest or compassion on this poor animal and decided to dispose of it or let is suffer without care right before their eyes.

Our stance is that you not take in an animal if you are not prepared to care for it properly. This will a topic of a future column.
During our  spay and neutering campaigns, we go out to streets and neighborhoods we come across many dogs and cats who have been left neglected and mistreated all because they are no longer wanted.  We come across people who tell us to just take their animals, they are too old to be of use or too sick to care for. It breaks our hearts for the animal that is discarded with such little concern. Old dogs are left to starve; sick animals remain untreated and suffer intensely. All because the animal is no longer what they want or need. This is unacceptable. Taking ownership of an animal is a lifelong commitment, you are promising to care for the needs of this animal because you value its life, NOT because it looks cool or can benefit you in some way.

Baark!’s efforts with our spay and neutering campaigns are making a huge difference in the animal population here in the Bahamas. We are working towards and making great strides in helping to eliminate the needless suffering of unwanted and homeless animals. But we are not done, our mandate is to help create a more humane Bahamas, our spay and neutering campaigns are just the start, we need to educate and enable more responsible animal owners. Please consider helping to change the mindset of animal owners all across Bahamas, speak up for the wrongs you are seeing and be an advocate for those voiceless animals.

The dog that inspired this column is pictured here. His name is Lover Boy, he was given away because he was too old, he obviously had been left unattended for a long time. He is still awaiting his furever home. Please consider helping this beautiful animal. Contact us for more information.

Please spay and neuter your animals.
By ensuring your animal cannot produce more litters you are saving lives and decreasing the suffering of unwanted animals.  Please consider donating or helping with Baark!’s efforts to improve animal welfare in the Bahamas.
For more information contact us at or (427-SPAY) or visit our website

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