Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Baark! On. Writing Contest Winner for 13-17 year olds, Alea Gomez.

Last month we at Baark! held a writing contest. We asked readers to tell us the story of their rescued or adopted animal and why they have made such a great pet, and you delivered. After carefully reading the many entries we have selected the three age group winners. For the next three weeks we will print their beautiful stories in this Baark! column. Guardian column. This week’s winner, representing the 13-17 year old group is Alea Gomez age- 14. Thank you and congratulations Alea!!

We Got Tori

The ride seemed interminable. I was ecstatic. My grandmother collected me from school and told me that today was the day that we would go to the Humane Society to get our pet dog.

As we entered, the place was a cacophony of sounds. Dogs barking, cats meowing, mixed with the chatter of pet owners and staff. The surgery smelled of disinfectant and animal scents. I turned up my nose and wondered how I would make it here, since I was contemplating becoming a veterinarian. The staff was most hospitable and friendly and the male attendant who took us to the stables told us that he was Gregory.

Gregory showed us many dogs, big dogs, little dogs, tall dogs, short dogs, none of these appealed to me; until I saw her. A small cute, cuddly white and light beige ball of fur, an Akita mix. She was housed in a kennel with about six other pups, who were similar to her; however, she was different. She had attitude!

Gregory took out one pup and showed it to me, but I told him that was not the one. I pointed out the one that I wanted, while he uttered that they were all alike. I, however, knew the difference. The pup that I wanted  had a small pink birth mark on her left eye, a beauty spot; and this drew me to her. I had already selected a name for her - Tori Judah. When she was taken out of the kennel, she behaved as if she knew that she belonged with us, she seemed to be smiling.

Tori immediately took over our hearts and our home, she exuded an indomitable spirit; therefore, my Nana decided to hire a trainer for her. On meeting Tori, the trainer thought that because she was just four months old that the task would be easy. So we went to the beach with treats, and the trainer barking out commands.

The trainer  told us that we were not forceful enough with Tori and proceeded to demonstrate. Treats were offered, a booming voice was trumpeted, however, Tori, the pampered princess, refused the treats and chose to ignore all commands. The next thing we knew was that the trainer was on the ground, propelled by one of Tori’s mighty leaps. We all laughed.

It has been six years since we adopted Tori Judah. She is a wonderful pet and a terrific guard dog. She always warns us when persons are approaching and her barks are distinguishable when  she perceives a threat. The neighbours often thank us because she has even warned them of potential harm to their properties.

To have Tori as a pet has been fun and rewarding. Tori has a great personality and she loves unconditionally. She is very good and thoughtful with my little sister Adyn, who is seven years old. She is our pampered princess and a member of our family

Please spay and neuter your animals, this simple procedure saves lives and decreases the suffering of unwanted animals.
This column is proudly brought to you by BAARK! the Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness.
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