Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Baark! On. Writing Contest Winner for 12 and under, Anya MacPhail

Last month we at Baark! held a writing contest. We asked readers to tell us the story of their rescued or adopted animal and why they have made such a great pet, and you delivered. After carefully reading the many entries we have selected the three age group winners. For the next three weeks we will print their beautiful stories in this Baark! column. This week’s winner, representing the 12 and under group is Anya MacPhail age-10. Thank you and congratulations Anya!!

Written by Anya MacPhail age 10

This is Bruno; he is one of my family’s rescued potcakes. When he first came here we were fostering him so he could get adopted. Initially we thought he was going to die because of his mange and limp, so we wanted to make sure he had a happy life here. When he was ready for adoption no one would adopt him, so after a while we adopted Bruno. I was so happy because Bruno was just starting to love this place.
After we adopted him we got to know him even better. We had taken him to the vet to treat his mange and to help with his limp, he was feeling better. After a while I started to call him “Brunsto” and “Bruno Buddy” all the time and I found his weak spot for tickling him near his belly.

I think he is the best rescue because each time one of us comes out Bruno will get up eagerly to greet us. He also has a voice for each time we come out and he will try to speak- in a way. At night when all the dogs are asleep he will start a howl… every single night. When I sit on the step of the porch Bruno will nudge my arm to get underneath to cuddle. After steak night we divide the leftover steak and give a small plate to each dog. Bruno, I think, cleans his plate the fastest. Outside we have a couch that we put cushions on when we are out there, but when we aren’t out there we put blankets on the couch for Bruno to sleep and lay on. Each time the other dogs come out they go straight to the neighbor’s fence to bark at their dogs and Bruno usually starts it first. Bruno loves people and people love him, and when he’s happy he will wag that little tail happier than any other dog I’ve seen.  He is the happiest dog I have ever met and I am glad we were able to rescue him.

Please spay and neuter your animals, this simple procedure saves lives and decreases the suffering of unwanted animals.
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