Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Baark!On. Misguided reasons for adopting a pet #2

All the wrong reasons: a series of common misguided reasons why people want a pet.


So you are thinking about welcoming a pet into your home! Congratulations. We want your adoption to go as smoothly as possible so we have created a series over the next few weeks based on some of the wrong reasons why people adopt a pet. We are not trying to discourage you; we would love every home to have a pet that is loved, respected and part of a family. The purpose of this series is simply to get you to stop and think seriously before you make a decision. Why does Baark! care? We constantly come across discarded, neglected and homeless animals that began their life as pets. It breaks our hearts and goes against our mandate of creating a more humane Bahamas.

Misguided Reason Number Two.
Getting a dog will help me find someone to date.

Wrong!! Give your head a shake. Dog or cats are not decorations, they are living beings with real needs. To be toted or paraded around while you hope to catch that someone specials eye forces them into the role of an accessory and gives them none of the respect they deserve.


We have to be honest, we are biased but firmly believe that humans who love and respect their animals make the best catches. BUT this has to come naturally and not because you want to establish certain look. Learning to love a pet does not come from the pet store it comes from learning the ins and outs of daily caring for your animals. That is the kind of love that makes a person more attractive to others, not the store bought, diamond encrusted collared, dog you just keep in your purse. 

Ladies, there is no way using an animal will help you look better, chances are you shine beautifully without accessories, be yourself, find someone who loves you just because you are not because of what you own.


Now, men. Do you really believe that the supersized pittie or rottie you walk around with gives you a look that women go gaga over? And why must you always have such tough names for them like killer or rage? Watching you parade your almost out of control, unfixed massive dog through your park or neighbourhood drives us crazy..and not with desire. You look ridiculous and are obviously compensating for what you feel you lack on your own. Let us let you in on a real secret, ladies like real men, who have weakness and can admit them. We like genuine conversations about real topics, but we cannot have one if you are always trying to look like you are controlling some “beast” of a dog. Forgo getting a big dog for the ladies, be yourself, be real and see what happens.



Please spay and neuter your animals.

By ensuring your animal cannot produce more litters you are saving lives and decreasing the suffering of unwanted animals.  Please consider donating or helping with Baark!’s efforts to improve animal welfare in the Bahamas.

For more information find us on the web at or call us (427-SPAY)



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