Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Baark! On Baark Needs you!

Baark Needs you!


Most of us appreciate the look of a sweet potcake puppy, the sound of a happy cat purring or the feel of a grateful rescued dog leaning into the palm of your hand for a pet, but is this enjoyment enough to make a difference?  Baark! works hard year round with spay and neutering campaigns. We are a very active force for good in our beloved Bahamas and we are making a difference. But we still need your help. We are run by a team of volunteers, who are motivated and energetic about seeing this through but we can always use more help.  This letter is not a plea for funds, although we will never turn away donations of any size! This letter is to get you to think how you might be useful in helping our Bahamas become a more humane place for the animals that live here.

We need people with a conscious, in all our neighborhoods to be willing to stand up and speak out on behalf on the animals that cannot do it for themselves. To report the abuse and neglect of animals, to educate those around you about proper animal care, and suggest the spay or neutering of the animals.

We need people with extra water bowls to provide for the homeless animals everyday with fresh water and food. We need people with yard space to help provide shelters for the animals or a compassionate home to foster the special cases we come across during our stray busting days.

We need educators, leaders and parents to be the example for the future generation of Bahamians. To show how to respect all living creatures and provide kindness and care for the ones who cannot help themselves. Be the person you want your kids to be, start now.

Baark! needs your help, however small or large you can give, whether time, talent or money, we need your help curb the population of unwanted and uncared for animals on the streets of Nassau.

We need you, end of story. Please consider helping in any way you can. Bahamas will be a better place for it


Please spay and neuter your animals.

By ensuring your animal cannot produce more litters you are saving lives and decreasing the suffering of unwanted animals.  Please consider donating or helping with Baark!’s efforts to improve animal welfare in the Bahamas.

For more information contact us at or (427-SPAY)

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