Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Baark On Guard Dog wanted.

Dear Baark!
I want my new pit-bull puppy to protect me. I was told to pinch it a lot, feed it pepper, tease it with food, kick it and yell at it. Will this make my dog protect me once it knows to be angry?
Signed- family guard dog wanted

Dear Family guard dog wanted

We are so glad you asked, asking the right questions gets you started as a responsible pet owner. Sadly you have been given the wrong information. Kicking at a dog is abusive and is not tolerated. Pinching and teasing a dog will not make it more protective of you; it will make it more afraid of you.  A good guard dog will protect because he is loyal to his caring owners, not bark and bite at anyone who happens to come near.

A guard dog should be able to alert you to things around you that are potential threats, but a good guard dog will also be able to stop its reaction by your command. You want a confident, highly socialized dog that can interact in a friendly way with many people but when they sense danger or a threat can turn on the guard dog attitude. Learning the basics skills of obedience will be your first step in helping create a smart, confident guard dog. We recommend trying out some of the dog training courses offered around Bahamas and getting their opinion if your dog would be suited to being a guard dog.

Thanks for asking!

Please spay and neuter your animals.
By ensuring your animal cannot produce more litters you are saving lives and decreasing the suffering of unwanted animals.  Please consider donating or helping with Baark!’s efforts to improve animal welfare in the Bahamas. For more information contact us at or (558-3039)

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