Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Baark! On- Ask Snickers: A regular potcake?

We at Baark! are pleased to announce our celebrity columnist, Snickers. Snickers has risen to fame over the last two years as a Baark! rescue. We are fortunate to have her as a columnist to share her perspective.

Dear Snickers  
I hear you were just a regular potcake like me. Word on the street is that you were captured and sent to the pound. How did you survive? I live in fear every day that the dog catchers are going to get me. Also, how did you find a family? I hear you found a great bunch of people you are living with now.
Yours truly, Horatio the potcake

Hi Horatio
 Thanks for writing. Yes, the rumors are correct, I used to live on the street and yes you are right, it was a difficult place to survive. I saw my share of death and suffering. I did spend some time at the pound, which was an experience I have a hard time speaking about. But let me tell you the good news. There is an organization called Baark! that came to the pound and rescued me. They let me stay at the BHS for a few months until I found my own family. I knew my family was the right one the first time I saw them. Horatio, keep on being strong and when you see that Baark! van, don’t be afraid, they are not like the dog catchers at the pound. Baark! wants to help you, let them catch you so they know you want a home!
Stay strong, Snickers

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