Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Baark! Spay Day Report 2011

Spay Day 2011
Baark joined the Humane Society International’s world wide Spay Day event on February 26th 2011 which encourages animal groups to implement spay and neuter programs. Since the problem of animal overpopulation is so huge in The Bahamas, Baark decided to go one step further and use the whole of month of February to offer FREE spay & neuters, raise awareness about the importance of sterilization and responsible pet ownership. We kicked off our fundraising efforts with a deliciously successful Valentines Bake Sale on February 5th. To get the word out about our free spay and neuters, we placed advertisements in the local papers and on radio, plus a perfectly placed banner on Shirley Street. On February 26th we walked around Bernard Road, an area known for its high population of stray dogs. We spoke to residents there and picked up some more animals that day. The public response to our campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Our official numbers are:
224 TOTAL spays or neuters
179 were dogs and 45 were cats
201 in Nassau and 23 were done in Andros

We believe spay and neuter is the ONLY way to reduce the number of animals that are suffering, 
homeless or euthanized in the Bahamas.

Special Thank Yous
These amazing people dedicated their own time, resources and caring hearts to our important cause, without them Spay Day would not have been possible and we couldn't have made such a difference without them.

From Baark and all the suffering animals on our streets that do not have a
voice – We Thank You So Much!

All the Baark members and volunteers that came out, helped at and supported our events. Those who gave generous donations to help fund the surgeries.
•  The vets who performed all the spay and neuters; Dr Dorsett at Nassau Pet Clinic, Dr Sands at Central
Animal Hospital, Dr Johnson at Purrfect Pets, Dr Solomon at BHS, all their vet techs and clinic staff.
Our generous sponsors; Poop Deck Eagles, Purina, Micronet, Think Simple, ACL Shipping, Windermere, Island FM, 100 Jamz, Y98, more94, Adworks, The Sign Man, Graham Real Estate, Bahamas

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